Project 365+1: Happiness


Just a great quote from the journal today.


Project 365+1: Swamped




If you think working on a startup is easier than being in school, you’re wrong. However, arguably, practically working on your future and learning while REALLY doing it is much better than pouring over books for four or more years to be a clueless slave in the real world.

Project 365+1: Watch Out!


Finally set the time to go to the watch shop to have my wrist watches “fixed”. It took only ten minutes! This particular one above I refrained from wearing for about a year because the bracelet link was so long — only to discover that I can adjust it myself because it has a removable link! Also, my other favourite watch is now working after having the battery replaced. Yay. No more feeling “naked”. LOL.

Project 365+1: Live Lightly


One of the things that I did before the New Year was start de-cluttering my room. While I thought I somehow succeeded, reading The Happiness Project made me realize that my attempt was quite laughable. I knew I didn’t do a good job. To make myself get more organized, I started maintaining a written to-do list again rather than relying on my gadgets. This way, I could track my progress and also provide myself some satisfaction by crossing-out whatever I had already done. Sounds fun.

Project 365+1: The Happiness Project

20120101-202635.jpgI have already started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I haven’t gotten far in the book but so far so good. On the other hand, I also went to get her One-Sentence Journal. I just finished writing my entry for the day. It’s kind of straight forward so I don’t think it’s necessary for me to finish reading the book first before writing on my journal. I also want to start today because, well, obviously, it’s January 1st. 🙂


Update: Because it’s a leap year, it’s actually 365+1.