Project 365+1: Time Constraints


Today I have had the easiest exam I have ever taken in my entire life – relative, of course, to my level (uhm, elementary? haha). It’s safe to say, I took the exam without even reviewing (hello, party people last Friday night!). I am not saying this to brag. I bet even you too will be able to answer questions like: “What is the equivalent of 25% in decimal?” I know, even without any options given, you know that the answer is 0.25 (really?). What I noticed the entire time I was writing the exam is how, as an adult, I take things a lot seriously now and I pressure myself more than before. Of course, there’s ego involved as well: if I failed this, it would be the end of the world me! I’d be too ashamed to look at myself or be myself (my Leo side speaking).

But time constraints meant real life-changing events and opportunities in the near future rather than just passing the exam and get a handy-dandy-diploma. I guess I’ve really grown up.

Project 365+1: Which Way?


Today is all about planning – for tomorrow, for the next few months and even the next few years. It’s not like the plans are set in stone. It’s more of a precaution to be prepared on what’s coming ahead; in other words, “seeing” the future. It’s an exhausting but exhilarating task. It gives you the energy that will last a lifetime.

The best way to see where you want to go is to lay down all of your options. It’s not going to be easy, but  you know that it’s going to be fun. It’s all about the journey.

Whims, Impulse, Spontaneity

Ever have those days when you decide spontaneously on something and then not regret it after? I love those days. I get to decide faster on things and not have to worry about the consequences too much. Also, when I get into that mood, I know I act for my own good so it lessens my guilty feeling.

Here are some examples:

– Erasing a whole article, blog post, story, poem, etc. that you’ve finished writing and starting from scratch again even if you’ve spent days “perfecting” it just because it still doesn’t feel right.

– Throwing stuff away that you saved for future use because it’s been months or even years and you still have not used it. It’s still there, worn out and useless.

– Walking into a sketchy pub or restaurant to get a drink instead of a fancy bar or something because you can’t choose anyway and discovering that that “sketchy” place is cool after all and it has the best food in the area.

– Planning a trip in less than a week or two because you want to get away (trust me, I’ve done this, never regretted it, want to still repeat the experience). Florida next week anyone?

– Ordering a food because it is the first thing that caught your attention on the menu and its name sounds delicious even if it actually isn’t or it is extremely spicy. Errr.

– Ordering an iced coffee in the middle of the night in winter when you know perfectly well you can’t sleep if you drink caffeinated drinks at night, you are easily cold and you have work tomorrow.

– Wearing a pair of boots with 2-inch heels during a snowstorm.

– Deciding to watch a theatre play after work.

I have to admit that some of my “whimsical” moves have been thought of or considered for days. I just haven’t decided yet or acted on it yet because I’m considering other things. So when I have finally done something about it, it always feels awesome because I have crossed off an item that’s been nagging me for how many days and lifted that thing off of my shoulders. A couple of examples:

Buying my DSLR: Nikon D80. I had been shopping around for the best model for a few days but I was still undecided if I’d actually buy one (for what?) and which one. Then I woke up one weekend and asked my father to accompany me to the mall to get my DSLR (I remember everyone’s look when I said that: question marks in their faces). The salesman told me it was better to wait till December of 2008 because the new D90 with video feature would be coming out. Well… I didn’t and I never regretted that purchase. I knew that somehow the D90 won’t be right for me even if it has that video feature. It sounded like an experimental unit to me. Then I heard that Nikon’s HD video feature is crappy. Not sure if it’s true though. But when it comes to photography, I love my Nikon D80.

Going to New York over a long weekend. I wanted to go back to NYC after having the first taste of it. So… I looked for the next long weekend in my calendar, asked my sister if she wanted to come, and then booked the tickets. What came out of it? Front row seats at Daniel Radcliffe’s How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying. Yes. I saw Daniel look at me too! 😉 The best thing about it? It was only for USD$30. (VIP seats were: USD$300).

This other one felt really spontaneous:

Buying my Mac Book Pro and Sims 3 original installer. I remember accompanying my father to a gadget store to buy something. Then as I had been considering getting a new laptop (and Sims 3 just came out that month), I lingered by the laptop section comparing one unit to another without real thoughts of buying one that night. I even welcomed discussing it with the salesman (I don’t usually welcome salesmen talks if I’m going to seriously buy unless I have other questions). To make the long story short… went home with a brand new shiny laptop, my favourite game and a new printer (discounted because of my purchase).

I wonder what other people have done on impulse, enjoyed it and felt awesome after?

Project 365+1: The Designated Driver

20120106-202614.jpgThis past Holiday season, I remember seeing this particular ad almost everyday about volunteering to be the designated driver. By designating yourself as the driver, you choose not to consume any alcoholic beverages for the night and promise to drive your friends who probably are intoxicated home. I got reminded of that ad earlier as I ordered bottomless iced tea along with my meal. As I drove to a nearby restaurant with a friend and my sister to spend our Friday night, drinking any alcoholic beverage was out of the picture. Nevertheless, it was pretty fun and relaxing. I didn’t think I’d enjoy a rowdy party anyways so a laid-back setting was perfect – even for a Friday night.

On the other hand, when I got into the office today, there were more goodies on the counter – see second picture. Since the week prior to Christmas weekend, that counter has never been emptied. I wonder what would be waiting for us on Monday? So maybe I should walk/exercise more??