Project 365+1: Old hunt



Back at the old hunt. Who doesn’t love being outdoors and sitting under the sun??

I will certainly miss my lunch hour days sitting on a bench at Queen’s Park. Happy to move on, however, to new challenges. 😉

Project 365+1: Which Way?


Today is all about planning – for tomorrow, for the next few months and even the next few years. It’s not like the plans are set in stone. It’s more of a precaution to be prepared on what’s coming ahead; in other words, “seeing” the future. It’s an exhausting but exhilarating task. It gives you the energy that will last a lifetime.

The best way to see where you want to go is to lay down all of your options. It’s not going to be easy, but  you know that it’s going to be fun. It’s all about the journey.

Project 365+1: Misleading


Earlier today, I used the skywalk leading to the building where the Tim Horton’s is located to get a cup of tea. Going through the bridge, it was incredibly warm. What more, this beautiful view outside greeted me, making me want to just run out and enjoy the nice sunshine. However, happy though I was to see the sun out, today’s one of the coldest days in Toronto this winter even without snow: -16 degrees C without the wind chill; -26 degrees C with the wind chill. For that, I contented myself to just take in this view from the skywalk. It didn’t help though. After a minute, it made me wish spring or summer would come faster when we’re barely even halfway through winter.

Fun fact: Tunnels and other underground paths help us get around Toronto without having to walk outside at all or for a long period of time. That’s how some people (like me) avoid winter. So we do not get sunshine vitamins, or even get exposed to natural light, for most of the season, even on a day like this (and that’s why it can get depressing during this season). Also, the days are shorter so by the time we leave the office, the sun has set.

I don’t totally avoid winter though. I like the first snow fall and those moments after a fresh snow fall. It makes me feel refreshed. The snow looks soft, clean and yummy (lol). So when the snow has just fallen, I make it a point to spend a few minutes out, walk on it and make tracks and take pictures. To be honest, it isn’t actually that cold when it’s snowing unless, of course, if it’s too windy. I also like it when there’s snow and it’s sunny out. But, I must confess, walking outside is as active as I have ever gone in winter. I’ve never tried ice skating nor skiing. Other than the fact that I get discouraged easily by staying too long out in the cold, I do not know how to do both — any good Samaritan out there who’s kind enough to train me? I am willing to learn! 🙂

All these said, I wonder how people in Alberta survive when the temperature plunges to as low as -50 degrees C. Eeeek!