Project 365+1: Expanding


Now what you see here is a different program for me to work on. Yes, it is GarageBand! What am I doing dabbling with music??

One of my crazy dreams when I was in high school was to write a song. “Crazy” because I do not really know how to play any instruments. I desperately tried to learn how to play the guitar and even the keyboards. But aside from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” that I learned by heart in elementary and a little bit of strumming, my musical “prowess” never really flourished (unless you count the karaoke singing times – hey, I’m a Filo!). m”Writing” a song is an encompassing concept, at least for me. In my head, to be able to compose a song, you have to have both the musical and writing abilities. So I never really thought I would write one. It was a bit of an unknown territory for me. The moment I finished writing the lyrics and timing it with the song, I felt really weird. Something felt so wrong. I had to also let it go for a while for me to be able to get used to it and maybe come up with a “better” version. Until tonight when I finally had my sister record a final demo… I can’t say it is great, not yet at least. But I think it ended up sounding good.

Now… on to some other crazy dreams as well? Maybe going big time with this? lol. Yeah, crazy.