Project 365+1: Still Has “The Groove”!


I have finally found a dance studio! I have been searching for a while which caused me to lose interest at some point because no “beginner” classes seem a bit “advanced” for me. Well, as Angela (the Choreographer) put it, most of them are “too beginner” level. For someone who has some experience (hey, I could do headstands before!), then you want to definitely be “in”. So today, I went to OIP Dance Centre to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Boy! Just 5 minutes in with the warm up, I realized how out of shape I am. I felt slightly embarrassed at myself for feeling those pains just anywhere I pull, push and stretch (no muscle tear so all is fine!). Add the fact that I didn’t eat any snack before dancing, I was exhausted at the end of the one-hour session and a bit forgetful (hey! empty stomach!).

But anyway, I had fun. Angela was very talented, nice and charismatic so it was easy to actually listen, follow the steps and enjoy the process. Of course, my vanity kicked in when I was talking to her and I just asked how I did. I do that because feedback helps me a lot and make me feel grounded [or otherwise] and for me to know straight up where I should improve. She said I still have “the groove” and that it’s not about perfectly following the steps, it’s the groove. I won’t let that get to my head I promise. Although, no, I can definitely tell she wasn’t just being nice. Haha. Anyway, I will definitely be back in that studio.

Project 365+1: Handwritten Notes


Why is it that during the times when you are not exactly allowed to do anything else but give someone your undivided attention, your mind spurts great (?!) ideas you just have to write it down — pretty much anywhere. That is exactly what happened today. Usually I bring a “handy-dandy-notebook” with me just in case. But since I changed my purse and used a smaller one, the notebook had to be sacrificed. And then all these ideas came pouring in… yes, I do have an iPhone and have Evernote and the pre-installed Notes applications, but it’s just not the same as writing it down.  I guess I’m pretty much old school that way. It’s the “romantic” part coming out: the smell of parchment, ink, old books, wood floors; the feel of the paper; the laid back, secluded and tranquil atmosphere… you get it. At first I resisted reading electronic books, but I can’t deny it’s convenient. Though I have note-taking applications, I miss the experience of writing long hand.

So back to my story for today, where did I end up writing my idea on? On a tissue paper. Coincidentally, it is a fantasy themed idea. Of course, I couldn’t resist thinking of JK Rowling.