Goodbye 2011 :)

Wow 2011. It has been such a roller coaster ride. Today, I sit again and take a few moments to reflect on my year. I think it’s really true that as you grow older, days pass by faster.

It seems like it is only yesterday that we were in the living room of our then new abode counting it down to 2011. It’s so fun to relive those memories of us messing around in front of the video camera we set up to capture those moments. And now, here we go again. Here’s the last hurrah for 2011.

I can’t say this is my year. It’s been marked by a good mix of disappointment, sadness, sorrow, excitement, happiness and achievement. But it’s been a good year because of the many lessons learned, many friendships developed and rekindled, many opportunities taken, and many dreams formed. I have to say, it’s better than 2010. Definitely.

Tonight, I’ll celebrate like it’s the last (hey, after all if the 2012 prophecy is true, then I want to live with no regrets!). I’m excited about what tomorrow will bring.

There’s only one thing that I want to do next year: Live like there’s no tomorrow. So help me God 🙂