Doors Open Ontario – Wanna Go?

Hey Everyone!

The first Doors Open Ontario 2012 will be in Guelph at the end of the month. I’m definitely going, maybe with a few friends or something. If you’re up for it though, we can meet up there or carpool, rent a car and chip in for the gas/rental fees.

The main purpose of this trip (and upcoming Doors Open trips) is to take some photos, meet new people (in different cities if they’re from there) and just have fun and relax. I figured that since I want to make the most of the warmer seasons and actually visit many places, why not make it funner with the Doors Open Ontario event. I’m going to make plans each month depending on my schedule. Nothing set in stone. What I’m thinking is some BBQ picnic after a long day exploring or maybe lunch get together or something like that. It’s all about having fun exploring Ontario. I don’t know if many people will be interested or if anyone will be. Nevertheless, I’m still going to places if I’m able to. I will sort of announce it in my Twitter account or here so if you want to join the fun, feel free and let me know. 🙂


P.S. I’m not paid by the Government of Ontario or the Ontario Heritage Trust for endorsing the event (I wish). I’m just a mere photography and heritage geek wanting to take advantage of the opportunity. Feel free to join me. Merci. 🙂