Project 365+1: Still Has “The Groove”!


I have finally found a dance studio! I have been searching for a while which caused me to lose interest at some point because no “beginner” classes seem a bit “advanced” for me. Well, as Angela (the Choreographer) put it, most of them are “too beginner” level. For someone who has some experience (hey, I could do headstands before!), then you want to definitely be “in”. So today, I went to OIP Dance Centre to give it a try and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Boy! Just 5 minutes in with the warm up, I realized how out of shape I am. I felt slightly embarrassed at myself for feeling those pains just anywhere I pull, push and stretch (no muscle tear so all is fine!). Add the fact that I didn’t eat any snack before dancing, I was exhausted at the end of the one-hour session and a bit forgetful (hey! empty stomach!).

But anyway, I had fun. Angela was very talented, nice and charismatic so it was easy to actually listen, follow the steps and enjoy the process. Of course, my vanity kicked in when I was talking to her and I just asked how I did. I do that because feedback helps me a lot and make me feel grounded [or otherwise] and for me to know straight up where I should improve. She said I still have “the groove” and that it’s not about perfectly following the steps, it’s the groove. I won’t let that get to my head I promise. Although, no, I can definitely tell she wasn’t just being nice. Haha. Anyway, I will definitely be back in that studio.