Project 365+1: The Excuse

20120105-183103.jpgAs I pondered what photo should I post here tonight, the topic presented itself. I was a bit distracted on the bus ride home regretting the fact that I didn’t take a photo of the chocolate truffles put out earlier for everyone in the office. At the same time, I was reading a book while listening to music and texting. I heard the announcement that we were already at the major intersection close to my home but didn’t get ready yet. My place is two stops/lights away from that. I knew I had enough time to gather my stuff. As the bus moved, I readied myself. However, the driver drove so fast and before I knew it, we were speeding past my street! And so, I had to get off at the next stop and walk back up to get home. Good thing it wasn’t really that far and at the same time it was a nice night. Maybe it was the world’s way of reminding me that I ate too much truffles today so I need to walk a bit to burn it down. Oh well. I enjoyed the walk anyway.


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