New Books! Rekindling My Love Affair with It.


I chose English as one of my minors at the University of Toronto because I wanted to read as many books as I could. However, I found the process grueling. On top of working 9-5, I had to squeeze in reading at least 3 books a week plus some other reading materials for my other courses. Instead of finding the novels fun to read, reading felt more like a boring task rather than a fun activity. There was this technical side of it that, in hindsight, my mind couldn’t shake away.

This year I decided to take a break from that fiasco. I needed to re-organize myself and focus more on learning and not getting a fancy diploma from my dream university (in Canada). I knew I was wasting time and money on something that I would not be able to put into good use.

Taking a break from school did not mean that I would be taking a break from reading, learning and education. Nope. I actually read more books and articles at a pace I am comfortable with. What more, I could read anything that I find relevant to my real education.

Of course, this season, I would not pass on the opportunity to get my hands on some books that I want. Earlier today, I only planned to get The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. But when I saw some books that I could get on sale now, I grabbed them anyway and steered myself to the cashier before I could lay my hands on more. It was very tempting. I had to remind myself that I can actually request those books in public libraries here.

What could I do? I love the feel and look of new books. I had started reading e-books as well through my iPhone (I don’t own a kindle nor a tablet yet and I’m still debating which one I should actually get). But call me old-fashioned in this digital world, I still prefer flipping pages when I read.

Check this out too:
List of all books I’ve read.

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